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Pensations — A Quick Guide

Here is a brief guide to the Pensations web site. This page contains blog posts — items which may be of interest to people who use and collect pens.

The online store is accessed by clicking “Shop” in the above menu. The “Cart”, “Checkout”, “My Account” and “Store Policies” buttons provide easy access to store functions and information.

The “Resources” button  in the above menu contains links to pages with useful and interesting information. These include the pen calendar with pen shows and club meetings; pages of links to sites and articles pertaining to pens, handwriting, writing, and entertainment; contact information for pen companies; and lists of interesting books.

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Pelikan Hubs 2015

pelikan-hubs-2015.enPelikan Hubs is a get-together for fountain pen lovers sponsored by Pelikan. The first Pelikan Hub was in June 2014, and the second one will be September 25, 2015. Pelikan will sponsor Hubs in cities around the world on that day. Hubs will meet at 6:30 PM local time. The cities for the Hubs will be chosen based on demand from Pelikan fans. You can register for the Hub project and nominate a city for a hub on the Pelikan web site.

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Virtual Vatican

12th-century_painters_-_Manuscript_of_Church_Law_-_WGA15726Have you ever dreamed of roaming through the archives of the Vatican, viewing the magnificent collection of manuscripts, books, and art objects? Thanks to NTT DATA Corporation (and the Vatican, of course) you can go on a virtual tour and view items from the museum on your PC or tablet. NTT DATA’s digital archive solution technology, AMLADTM, allows one to browse the Vatican Apostolic Library’s digital archive online. The archive includes reproductions of more than 4,000 ancient manuscripts. Read more about the digitizing project on, or visit the Vatican Apostolic Library site and start browsing items.

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Yes, some people still write letters with pen and ink

213926774_d48ea850e8_oFrom the Breeze, the newspaper of James Madison University, comes this story of a student who not only writes letters, but does so by hand — and sometimes uses a quill. You can read the story here. Stories like this assure me that handwriting will never die out, rather it will morph into a sort of “secret art” mastered by the few and admired by many.

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National Card and Letter Writing Month

from-me-to-youApril is National Card and Letter Writing Month. This little-known tribute is sponsored by the US Postal Service in an effort to increase handwritten letters and cards. This year the USPS is kicking off the month with “From Me to You” Limited Edition Forever Stamps, and these are the first stamps in USPS history to be issued with decorative stickers. Part of the ‘celebration’ is the national writing program, “It’s a Delight to Write,” which is designed to encourage letter writing. An information packet on the program is available from In addition, some people join the 30 Letters in 30 Days challenge to mark the month. If 30 letters seems a bit too much for you, how about one a week to get started? But whether you send letters often or rarely, get to your local post office and grab some of the “From Me to You” limited edition stamps — they’re perfect for handwritten missives.

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Pelikan Wanderlust Party

PelikanWanderlustSome time back Pelikan sponsored an event to celebrate their Edelstein line of ink. Pelikan sent three bottles of ink on journeys around the world: each bottle went to a winner of a drawing. Each winner wrote a letter with the ink and then sent the bottle to the next person. The bottles have completed their journeys, and Pelikan has received the bottles of ink and the letters. In celebration, Pelikan is hosting an online party on Facebook. The party is at 2:00 PM CET (9 AM EDT) on Thursday, 26 March. Everyone is invited to join the party by clicking on the Facebook page link. There will be prizes, and at the end of the party Pelikan will launch a new project. If one is interested, the letters written by the participants can be viewed on Pelikan’s website.